Is it normal to hate atheists as an agnostic?

As a child I was raised a Lutheran, when I was a teenager I rebeled as a hard atheist. I’ve so far mellowed out as an Agnostic. I find the argument agienst theists to be the same for arguments for athiestism.
My belief is that of hedging my bets. If I’m wrong about Gods existence then I die and it’s over. If I’m wrong over what god it is I’m in hot water too. So I prefer being on a fence about it. Hopefully whatever entity that created me could understand the logic about not accepting a god.

I don’t like atheists out of their anti religion rhetoric against mostly Christians, I’m a sympathizer to Christians, Jews and some Islamic ideals. I understand Christians have done wrong in the past but average believers don’t have to be labeled as stupid or unlogical about their beliefs as it’s in their right to do so as long as they don’t infringe the rights of others.

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  • Uhh... I don't think atheists have to be anti-religious or religion hating. They just don't believe in religion, and prefer to stick with science. That doesn't mean they HAVE to be disrespectful.

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  • Atheism is a religion science is a religion. It's easy to follow a cult when you're surrounded by people who all believe the same thing. Ideology is an obstacle to the truth.

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  • Why hate anyone, either for their beliefs or lack of same? If you want to sit on a fence that's your decision, but in my experience you'll just end up with a very sore arse.

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