Is it normal to go to sleep at 8 p.m?

Is 8 p.m too early of a bedtime for an 18 year old? I know a lot of teens are night owls, and here's me struggling to stay awake until 8 right now. It seems like this is too early of a bedtime for anyone though. It's probably just an anomaly, but it's annoying getting sleepy so early.

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  • I'm 17 and I wish I could do that but I can never fall asleep even when I'm tired. If I had your sleep schedule that would be 11 hours of beautiful sleep for me. And it is recommended for teens to have 8+ hours of sleep.

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  • I wish I was able to fall asleep early, lately I struggle to fall asleep before 1am. I do have my days of falling asleep at like 9:30ish but I don’t think 8’s to early.

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  • Do you get up at 4am?

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  • Its alright.

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