Is it normal to go from all change to not in all your adult life?

I was undecided on what I was, insecure in my identity, and confused all these years, but one solution to the problem was to cut my 12 beliefs into half as much and replace some of those beliefs with better beliefs: I changed before because I wasn't happy/was bored with who I was. As for my eating habits they lasted much longer than my beliefs, it has all been about heart healthy/cardiovascular/Puritan diet/mushrooms/black beans/chilli con carne/healing herbs/quasi-vegetarianism consistently the rest of the time, although I experimented with "normal food" and since deciding on Indian curries like my big brother, pasta, pizza, cold rolls, raw vegetables, red wine for health, biscuits, dips etc and supplements and avoiding hotdogs, burgers, cakes, doughnuts etc and junk food, with the occasional lollies and ice cream, I stuck to it, from a very recent time I decided not to do anything that feels like the need to change, just to do things better so they don't have to change, since then I stuck to it and stopped changing, is that normal?

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  • I think that doing things better is a form of change. You're not replacing the behavior, but you're still changing it by doing it in a way that maximizes the benefits to you

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    • The problem merely was the whole system of religion, eating, and hectic type and philosophy, that itself was having serious problems. One gets more peace by dropping the act.

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