Is it normal to give up controlling religions?

I gave up all forms of control, I like my freedom, my only rule is to do no harm, is that normal?

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  • Religion enslaves the soul. Freedom of the spirit is your first step toward heaven.

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  • I'm Wiccan. We say "An it harm none do thy will".

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  • Bossy Religious ideas=passive dictatorship. Simple as that. Act in good faith and ethics and it does more good.

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    • I took up Indian spirituality and various beliefs in magick, instead of religion, they have no name, because they're not systems of worship and ritual, one of them has a name: hoodoo. And that's it, I don't any more believe in superhuman controlling powers. I bought that book 'Celebrating Silence', which I found by accident when I tried to get a Sadh book, and it's better than Sadh, it's more of a philosophy than a religion. Most of the spiritual beliefs I believe in can't be found on the list of religions and spiritual traditions on Wikipedia, this is how you know something is good: it's not listed and it doesn't have any distinct name.

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  • christians (Not jews , Not Muslims , not catholics , not communists , Not Buddhist) have only two rules . love god and love your neighbor as yourself.

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