Is it normal to get angry this easily

I usually try not to get angry easy, but ocassionally when things don't go my way I get very upset. Just a few minutes ago I was trying to pour myself a cup of pop, but the cup fell over and dumped while I was pouring it. I picked it up and tryed again then it fell again, so I threw the pop bottle at the wall and now my desk is a mess! I get angry very easily when I drop things too, especially if it's multiple times in a row. I feel clumsy at times but I don't think it's my fault.

I hate gravity, and I hate when my cats growl, hiss, or run away from me. They act this way towards everyone in my family, but I am the only one who doesn't put up with it. I will hold my cats and everytime they hiss or growl at me I will beat them. I once put a belt around my cat's neck and held it in the air for a minute because he was annoying me so much. My cat's don't appreciate the nice home they have and that they have food to eat, and clean water, and people to tend to their every need.

One of my cats is a girl, and has black fur. She is usually the nicest of the 3 but she has her moments too. She came from a abusive family, but they gave her to us because they were sick of her ways. I heard they would beat her, because she throws up everywhere, and she does the same thing here but we don't normally hit her over it. You think she would be gratefull that we are kind to her, coming from a family like that, but she hisses, growls, and seldom likes to be held.

My other cat has white fluffy fur and is a boy. My mom was up in Michigan and found him. He was a filthy homeless cat, and it was winter. She heard him meowing, and rescued him and brought him home. He is now a few years old and doesn't appreciate anything.

He had LOTS of ticks, and dirt all over his entire body, but his ears were especially dirty. My mom spent hours cleaning him, but he is usually so rude and annoying. His most annoying attribute is that he is affraid of his own shadow. No matter how you treat him, he will do anything to get away from you. My black cat was like this for about a week when it first lived with us, but got used to it.

He has been here for 2 years atleast, and runs away from any movement, or sounds. He has had his testicles cut off after he had a kitten with the black girl cat. My family likes to use this as an excuse for him, saying he's so scared because he has no testecles, but I say he never had any to begin with. He has been this way ever since we first had him. He growls when I pick him up so I tap him on the head for it.

My worst cat of all is about 1-2 years old and came from my black and white cats. This one is the smallest, and has brown and black stripes on her fur. Most of all she is the meanest. Ever since she was born she takes everything for granted. If ANYONE touches her she hisses and will claw you if you continue.

Any sign of me and she runs. I have held her for up to an hour and she will growl the entire duration, when I am only petting her. She gets the best, premium canned cat food, while the others eat dry food. We had only intended feeding her canned food for when she was a kitten but when we try to feed her anything else she won't eat it. She would go like 5 days without eating, because she refused to eat dry cat food.

Everyone is very nice to her, but she treats everyone horribly, wether your nice or not. One day I was so tired of her I threw her into a backpack and walked about a mile to a hill with no houses nearby. I took her out of the backpack and she started crying like the little baby she was. I left her the for about 4 or 5 hours, but my consience couldn't take it because the other two cats kept looking for her. I went back to the hill, without the backpack and grabbed her.

Thankfully she was still there, and had not gotten hit by a car. She was in the same spot I left her, so I grabbed her and carried her home. It was quite windy that day. She didn't growl the whole way home and acted nice for the first time in her life, she may have even been purring but that's a stretch. I have never heard her pur.

She acted nice for the day, but soon afterwards she went back to her old ways. She eats whatever she wants, because even her canned cat food is barely good enough for her. I believe she knows how to open fridges, because one morning the fridge was left wide open, although I'm not sure if she took anything actually. She will jump on the counters, and tables, and if there is anything she desires to eat she will drag it to the floor and do just that. Once my mom had a block of cheese she was using to make dinner and she went to wash her hands, and when she came back the block of cheese was gone.

It was on the floor. The kitten didn't even end up eating it, so we had to throw the whole thing away. I have hit her head against walls, thrown her into walls, punched her, put her in pillow cases, and under blankets for peroids of times. She ate out of my brothers chip bag once and he beat her. I looked up ways to kill her by poisoning, or just by hitting her over the head with a metal weight bar I had.

I couldn't do it in the end, because I didn't feel like it would solve anything, and I knew my mom we call the police if I did. She has ripped open packs of beef jerky I buy for myself, no matter where I put them, and I will wake up and the whole thing will be gone. She also bullies her own mother, not even in a playful manner, because the mother is obviously distressed when she does so, and tries to get away.

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  • What is this...

    Keep away from the animals. What the hell?

    It's normal to get angry over things, fuck, I know I do. But you need some self control.

    I'm not entirely sure what the fuck your ranting about your pets had to do with anything, but you don't sound like you have even the slightest clue about animals. Of course an abused animal is going to be scared/mistrustful of humans. It's a cat. It doesn't have the concept of 'gratefulness'. It's not human.

    Wait wait wait I just read the second last paragraph properly instead of skimming. You fucking psycho.

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  • it is normal to get angry alot but not normal at the way you vent out beating your cats is horrible its normall that cats are agressive and they cant tell they have a good life (well maybe the white one ) try listening to music when you are angry....
    dont beat the cats

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  • You post is making me angry.

    and you wont like me when i'm ANGRY

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  • You should be fucking reported to the police for animal cruelty. Fucking crazy ass. I hope this is some kind of sick joke. Disgusting bastard.

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  • No, it's not normal, you probably have anger management; but really, you shouldn't fucking throw your cats against the wall, or beat them. You shouldn't fucking hit them with metal. You shouldn't fucking leave them inside a fucking backpack and fucking leave them in the middle of no where. I have fucking hurt my animals too, but not like that.

    You really want to know what's the fucking worst time I really hurt my Chihuahua? I was holding her, being so angry, holding her by her body, then dropped her on the floor. My sister said that there was something wrong with her stomach. I felt bad.

    ^ This is why you shouldn't abuse animals. You're only going to regret it. How would you feel like if you're going to get beat up for every fucking mistake/sin you do? Or what would you feel like if someone fucking punched you in the face because they're fucking jealous of you?

    How would you feel like if the person that won't accept you just because you treat them like crap and they treat you *heavenly* but they say they throw you against fucking walls? TO ME, IT SEEMS LIKE YOU ARE SAYING THAT YOU HAVE THE FUCKING GIVEN RIGHT TO BLAME YOUR CAT FOR YOUR FUCKING ACTIONS. "Ohh, I got angry at my fucking cat; so, my solution to this problem was to fucking shove her in a pillowcase instead of having a truce over it. Ohh, and my other fucking cat, I let her sweat in the desert to grow up just because she growls and screeches at me all the FUCKING TIME. HEY, TO ME THAT JUST SEEMS FUCKING PATHETIC, IT'S AN ANIMAL, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE. I HAD THIS FUCKING CAT NAMED SASSY WHEN I WAS LIKE 5/6 AND SHE FUCKING SCREECHED AT ME! SHE CREEPED ME THE FUCK OUT AND I WAS ALL ON MY BED LOOKING AT HER LIKE SHE WAS SOME MONSTER I WAS LIKE D: "Go the fuck away you weirdo kitten!" SHE HAD GREEN EYES, AND BLACK FUR WI/ GRAYISH-BLACKISH STRIPES. How is that treating someone as if they're an angel? People- animals fucking make mistakes. Actually, it's probably just us. We probably just don't fucking like the way we're treating them, but we got to give them all respect. You can't blame yourself or anyone else for the mistakes or disasters that happen.

    My advice? Don't get fucking angry over one little or heck, even a billion growls, because they're just little things that can make you fucking angry to throw one helpless cat against the wall? Please think secondly. I'm not telling you to be an angel or whatever, I'm just fucking telling you to think before you act. What will this action impact on my victim's life?

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    • I'm very sorry you feel this way, please do not get upset, I don't remember ever saying I actually hit my cat with a metal bar, because I DIDN'T! I thought about it but I didn't because I woudn't do something like that! I promise you I will not treat my animals the same way, so please treat me with some respect, because that was in the past, when I was young. I promise I will not do anything like this if my animals act up and am very sorry I got you upset, please have it in your heart to let it go...

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  • TheManagement should track your IP and call the cops on your animal abusing bitch ass!

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