Is it normal to get along better with people twice your age?

I find myself feeling more comfortable around people who are twice my age, I’m 20. I tend to feel awkward and anxious around people my age. Like at work; I don’t really feel like I can relate to or get along with coworkers who are in their 20’s. I don’t really know how to talk to them, it just feels weird. But I get along great with those who are 40-65. We talk a lot, joke around, talk about personal things etc. The teamwork is so much better with them.

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  • Normal, I'm 26 and the same way. I find that many people in their 40's and up tend to be much easier to talk to, because they are typically more confident and no longer in the phase of trying to prove themselves, one-upping, or impress others that young people are often stuck in. It's much easier to have a normal, friendly conversation with them.

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  • Maybe you are just a lot more mature than most of your peers?

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    • That could be it. I’m not saying I have anything against people my age either by the way, I just seem to get along better with older people if that makes sense, like we have more in common.

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  • I've never got along well with young people despite me being young myself, I don't think i've ever been in a single argument or fight with someone 50+ years old.

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  • Normal

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