Is it normal to get a headache everytime i go into work?

So for the last 3 days now whenever I walk into work I get a headache. The closer I get to walking through the doors the higher the intensity. It starts off at a 1 like I feel it but not really then slowly increaes to a 8. By the end of the day my head is litterally throbbing and I cannot really focus on anything because it's just pain radiating from the center of my forhead. Pills do not work. No amount of tylenol advil or ibuprofen is fixing this issue. It lessens when I am on my break but never completely goes away until I get home. It's not an instant relief but usually within an hour or two of being home my headache is back at a 1 and then dissappears completely.

The constant headache has made me extremely irritable and just angry. It's making me forget simple things and under perform because now I cant even pretend to give a crap.

If this keeps going on there is only matter of time before I accidentally mess up in a major way.

How do I stop this from happening and is this normal? Is this something that will eventually go away?

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  • Nobody realised hauntedbysandwiches is actually a mogwai...nobody.

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  • There are a variety of environmental (mold, lighting, poor quality air, other trace chemical odors, etc.) and stress conditions that can cause that.

    I'd suggest finding a professional and working with them and your company to find and resolve the issue.

    I wish you well with this,

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  • Do you work in customer service?

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  • Well, this is a bit serious. I think STRESS could be the factor here, as you mentioned the headache ameliorates when you are on a break. Try meditation, it helps. You need to calm your nerves and mind. Get some exercise too.

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  • maybe you drink too little water in work thats why it gets more intense as time goes on and its better when your home and drink water??

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  • I get a headache from work and public transport and basically anything with lots of sensory inputs. It's a struggle

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  • Do you happen to work in a place with bright lighting? I got a heachache at my retail job from the bright lights.

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