Is it normal to fuck your mother in law

i am a cool dude who loves to fuck his mother in law, my mother in law was over and decided to help clean the shower. As she was started i held on to her and start rubbing her shoulders telling her how i wanted her. but she said no no it is wrong but i persist and she kept on no no ,but then it cross my mind if she was rally upset she would have slapped my ass do far away so i put my hand in her blouse and took her breast out and atarted to suck with some resistance of course. and hear what she said ' oh my god you see what u have what you are doing now' eventually i was between the legs sucking and the bitch kept on saying between her groans 'look what u are causing to happen now' and
off course it went on to fucking and at the end she begged abd begged me not to tell anyone. my hidden cam

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  • Sorry, I was pissed at all these bullshit stories on here about people fucking there family. The story in my post doesn't do them justice. Just google "eastern Kentucky blue people" and you will find better info. Basically, there blue because of incest.

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  • WTF? Blue ppl?

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  • You sound like you have learning difficulties. The story hardly makes any sense and just finishes with 'my hidden camera'. Yeah what about your shitty camera? Il address the real problem here- you are probably a loner which means that your not married (or ever likely to be), you have a shitty job and you don't have any hobbies so you sit around making up absolute shit stories for some thrill that normal people obviously wouldn't understand. Why don't you do the world and yourself a favour and throw yourself into the sea.

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  • Omfg!!! I am so tired of people asking these bullshit questions! You're probably the one that has written all the other incest/family encounters. Unless you live in eastern Kentucky with the fucking blue people, this is in no way normal. Get fucking life, you worthless piece of shit.

    Here's the story on the blue people:
    Being part Appalachian, Kentuckians are used to inbreeding jokes. However, there is one joke about Kentucky and inbreeding that's funny because it's true: The story of the Blue Fugates of Troublesome Creek. The Fugates were an extended family living in an isolated hollow in Eastern Kentucky ominously named Troublesome Creek. Most members of the family had "hereditary methemoglobinemia." This is an enzyme deficiency that causes a person's blood to run vein blue as opposed to arterial red. Instead of being pink, these people are tinted blue or purple. The condition is based on a recessive gene; the only way to acquire it is if both your parents pass down the love. So what were the odds of clan founder Martin Fugate taking another methemoglobinemia carrier as his wife? He did, and they settled in Troublesome Creek sometime in the mid 19th Century. Cousins marrying cousins was commonplace among isolated Appalachians, so by the time a doctor discovered the Fugates in the 1960s, there were several blue people living in the hills around Hazard.

    Have fun fucking your family.

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    • That is your sad story but you dont have a hot sexy mother in law who is by the way not my family you asshole, that is my wife's mother,she has no fucking blood relations, in fact I am fucking her daughter who is my wife, so get your bearings correct you dumb fool. By the way I have a degree and a very good job and that dont stop me from fucking my mil in the ass which she loves. The pic that I have on my page is one of my mil and I in the shower taken by my hidden cam.

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  • i had one of the greatest experience while fucking my mother in law ..... I pissed in her pussy while fucking it took some time to relax but eventually it sprayed out it was great for both of us

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