Is it normal to forget to stop sinning?

Whaddaya think? I keep sinning, suppressing Puritan sins in the Christian department is exceedingly difficult.

I swear I won't be jerking off anymore, God can see you partly naked.
And as for watching entertainment which is the worst, I rented "The Addams Family" movie on Play Store by mistake for the last time, even though I did it intentionally, forgetting that entertainment, drama and theatre like this, even of a theatrical documentary is a sin.

I somewhat forgot not to smoke in public, even though 99% of the time I only smoked at home and in the toilet.
Finally I had more discipline not to sin again, and if I repeatedly made these little sins in Puritan times in America and Britain, the rest of the Puritans would've destroyed me.
Is that normal?

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  • I don't believe in current Christianity, so sins for me are what Islam says are sins. One should try to be be strong and quiet sins. Once you break a habit, you get used to its absence.

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    • That's true, a sin is in religious terms just a bad habit. We're perfect in our own way therefore if we use an authority to tell us to break a sin or a habit we should do that, if we make ourselves act at will with no authorities again that doesn't need changing.

      But then again if we had no habits we wouldn't force our breaking of a habit in the first place, with a secular habit it takes two weeks to break that habit, with religion and vegetarianism it takes 3 years.

      Authorities are very difficult to obey, if you had your own authority it's remarkably easy.

      Sin literally means you're disobedient to a god or religion or moral law rather than a person, disobedience applies to primates and animals.

      If a monkey is disobedient to another primate like us, it's either undomesticated or it's fiddly, monkeys often are domesticated animals, but the scientists domesticate them, we don't keep them as pets unless monkeys are our favourite, the definition of pets.

      If you had a favourite wild cat the wild cat is your pet by definition but your pets which you don't own will eat you.

      The main point being it's authorities under specific names like sin or habit that control you.

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      • Hmmm I don't think with religion and vegetarianism it takes that long or takes different time than any other habit to break.

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        • It's hard with some religions/vegetarianism, it might take three years to even stop sinning or 6 months to stop eating what you eat, that stuff is difficult, and you can stop doing them through self-discipline.

          My next post won't be as attention-seeking, it will be about whether or not normals all go through this condition.

          And your little chat only encourages religion, it doesn't give atheist feedback like "why follow religion, religion is just set out to control you, making you smell like poo poo", I'm not about to clean my phone of my gambling apps any time soon, yet there's no respect for my atheism, or even not saying I'll go to hell.

          It's all the same, I will be preached to until I fit in with slaves who want a boss who think religion is so good, but brought me up to drop religion, it brought me up to sort the bullshit (religion, philosophies, some of my ideologies) from the truth, how it works is anti-religious to convert you to atheism and most religious people don't want to convert, or in that case deconvert.

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          • I've noticed that once you get used to something you feel like you have always lived this way. And when you take a step into any way you get drifted into that way. I disagree with you that it has to take that long. If you're motivated to stop, you'll just stop.

            Haha we will see.

            Well, I can't encourage atheism because I believe it's wrong. The creator who created us and everything and everything he created is incredibly Smart is so great and we are so helplessness so he deserves to worship him and do what ge said. One shouldn't be arrogant to do that.

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            • I'm not so sure, perhaps science is the only truth, but I suppose science can prove that God is in your imagination.

              The thing is this is a subjective universe and you can believe any fantasy you want and it's still true. God might be a non-existent nonsensory entity, there's no proof of a god.

              It's an old wive's tale, meaning it's a foolish tradition, I know you're going to disbelieve it if it's not your religion, you're a bot, and bots are unaware of their mechanical work.

              I think I should believe in a free religion in the first place, I call it Ishikism, which doesn't control you, and I tried Puritanism and it does take 3 years to stop sinning, the sinning is addictive. So fuck you and your beliefs, when Jesus taught it the Jews killed him.

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