Is it normal to forget the names of your friends?

now, im honestly the last person you would expect with friends in my house. my mom says im friendless so does my dad, sister, even my 7 year old brother does. but i have friends i just forget their names as soon as someone asks me who they are.
i dont know if this is just a me thing? but yeah share your thoughts

tldr ; i forget the names of my friends when someone asks me to name them

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  • I only forget birthdays

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  • I want to say no, but the answer is yes.

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  • It could be memory loss or maybe you just have a lot of people in your group so its hard to remember all of there names.

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    • iii dont have alot of friends actually, and im not part of one group either

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  • Every now and then I have a brain fart but if they're a good friend I dont forget their names like that. Most of my "good" friends I've known since I was a toddler. If they arent good friends I may forget for a second.

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