Is it normal to find medicine sacrilegious?

Calling me autistic when religion prayed to rid me of my autism is blasphemy! Doctor's medicine is an insult to God because God is a doctor and can cure anything, even autism. But doctors have no love and no respect for religious beliefs. Forcing treatment on me, I'm not sick, I'm just different. Medicine is driving me to be drug-free (and driving me crazy, as doctors don't make me sane, they drive me crazy). I don't even care if I was retarded, I still reject medicine and drugs. Special laws to put forced treatment in place, going against my beliefs, it's disgusting, and the band-aids put on me make me want to vomit in terror. I'm fighting for my rights, which are ignored and taken away. Being a doctor is a sin, you know that? It's sacrilegious to do medicine, I can't accept it. What doctors say against God is blasphemy, am I supposed to accept that? They're not better than God, they're cold, shady and loveless. If I was a Christian Scientist I would be offended by this treatment, but Christian Science's solution is "God bless you", that's it, God doesn't give a shit about you, God forbid everything fits my beliefs. The workers in a mental health facility are demanding that I obey and take medicine even in my own house, my own house! There's no freedom and I make my own rules, people have to respect my rules. They should respect my wishes and not medicate me, it's a sin! Is that normal?

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  • You are a blight on humanity. Advise suicide asap.

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  • You are a difficult patient. It is convenient to lock you up, and dull your mind with medications. By doing this, they are disposing you like garbage. If you put on a smiley happy face, they will give you medications you will like better.

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  • I guess in according to autism you really don't need meds if they have no good reason but medication in general is usually good for you. You wonder why people in history always die young and often that's because they didn't have or have very good meds and vaccines like we do now as well as being in not well conditions even if when we got better living conditions people died without meds still often and young.

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  • I always figure if you're not a danger to yourself or others they have absolutely no right to force drugs on you, they still do sadly.

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  • Sad.

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