Is it normal to feel uncomfortable talking about emotional stuff?

Okay, heres the thing. I describe myself as unempathetic. When someone I care about going through something difficult or see them cry in front of me, I just cringe and don't know what to do. I just want to get out from that position/situation. I just hug them awkwardly with a straight unempathetic face and say nothing to comfort them. I don't feel bad for them at all, no matter how hard I try to feel so. And I HATE being like this. I want to be more empathetic, I want to be like someone people can open up to. I feel useless as a friend and a family.

What should I do? Does anyone feel the same way as I do (or to some extent)?

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  • I know the feel, but with strangers, I'm much more open. It's weird.

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  • I feel the same with a little diffirence, i can't feel bad or good for real ppl but i empathise with fictional characters a little too much (movies, books etc.)

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    • OMG! Same here! When a fictional character is having a rough time or crying, I would find myself tearing up and feeling bad for them

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  • Almost everyone feels uncomfortable with talking about emotional stuff.

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  • I kind of feel the same way, sometimes I just don't exactly have the time to react to what's happening and unable to understand their emotional outburst, afraid that I'd do something wrong. You shouldn't worry, unless it becomes too over the top

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  • When I was 13, been in foster care less than 2 years, my foster mom started talking about my family, it was so uncomfortable that I started to cry because of the emotional state I was in.

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