Is it normal to feel this way?

I've always loved my w203 Mercedes, (nickname: Meri) I've cared for her and had many wonderful memories driving to places, summer vacations, winter fun, trip through the Alps, trip to Italy and many happy kilometers. Another 1000km and I get a badge from Mercedes for reaching 185000km.
There were also two bad memories... She did get vandalized once. Hood ornament torn off and hood scratched. I was devastated. And a girl in a parking lot almost ripped off the front bumper. Glad I caught that bitch! I was furious and boy did her insurance pay... Those two times, I actually felt pain because of my damaged Mercedes. I've also modified her. AMG front bumper, AMG wheels, ECU remap, bi-xenon headlights, xenon fog lights, new head unit with DAB radio and TV, parking sensors, backup camera, electric folding mirrors, new taillights, all four windows tinted and heated seats. Most of the mods I've done myself. Made her an absolute dream! Smooth as silk, slick as grease!

But recently I bought a 2017 C350e Mercedes. Brilliant car, absolute beauty. I wanted to buy a hotter version, but EU emission laws are getting stricter, so a hybrid makes more sense. Still, she is pretty much full spec, AMG-package, AMG-wheels, Command online, Burmester audio, DAB radio, backup camera, adaptive cruise control, adaptive air suspension, the works... Did some mods with this one too. ECU remap, tinted all four windows and even got a custom license plate for her. I love my new car, but since I don't have a second garage where I live and I have to store my old Mercedes at my parents apartment. Right now I park her in a friend's garage. Great guy, said I could park in his garage, till I drive my old Mercedes to my parents place in August.

On paper - perfect! I have a sleek new daily and my w203 gets an easy life as a garage princess/ weekend car, like my project E24 635 CSI. Haven't really gotten attached to my BMW, cause it doesn't even run, but hey it will run one day.

So why am I feeling a bit sad? I have to leave my Mercedes for several months at a time at my parents garage on jack stands and on a battery tender. I know she'll be safe. The garage will be locked, the security system armed and the neighbors are great and also quite vigilant. I'll still drive her when I'm on vacation back home, but for the rest of the year that car is gonna sit in that garage. And I'll be 2000km away. I've had my new Mercedes for about a month now, yet I still keep reaching for the keys for my old Mercedes.

Is it normal to be this attached to your car? Anyone else not wanting to part with their car, even if it's only for about 5 months at a time? Never wanting to part with your car, or even worse sell it.
Can't wait to see my business grow, so I can move back home to Bulgaria and start a new business there. Be closer to my parents and have all my cars close to me.

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