Is it normal to feel suicidal over a relative?

I get really embarrassed about my sister having a mental disability. I love her very much and that won't change, but I also hate how it affects social situations since I know people see her as a burden and people stare a lot. I don't ever go outside with her. I even pretend she doesn't exist and I end up feeling shitty about it.

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  • From ur description it doesn't appear that you love her.

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  • Don't be so ridiculous. Unless you are very young then this kind of attitude is pathetic.

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  • I don't think it should be that much of a problem to you, because:
    1- It's not your fault.
    2- I don't think people would think less of you because you have a disabled sis.

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  • Growing up, I had an autistic older brother who would scream, cry, and beat the shit out of my father in public. I was extremely embarrassed of him. Not embarrassed enough to want to off myself though.

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  • If you're under 16, this is normal to feel embarrassed but not suicidal but if you're over 16, this is really sad because you should have matured by now.

    I would suggest talking to a therapist about all your feelings.

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  • Nope. Quite ridiculous. Normal for you to be embarrassed in social situations. But to kill yourself? Makes me think you have a mental disability.

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  • You’re very selfish and ableist. She has it more difficult than you do. You care too much about fitting in.

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  • Not in particular normal.

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