Is it normal to feel so "distant" from this world?

All of my life. Ever since I was a little kid. I've always been so distant from everyone. I never had many friends growing up, and honestly, I loved it. My imagination, and the intriguing nature of the love for music, always made me feel like I somewhat belonged. But lately this "Feeling" has become much more apparent.

Lately I've been feeling like I don't belong on this planet entirely. I have been even looking at everyone differently. I question WHY we have noses, why our facial structure is the way it is, and why we are even on this planet to begin with. Like I said before, music is the only outlet i really have. That and some Anime that I delve into to get away. But since I'm just graduating high school and moving on with my life, i feel like i don't WANT to work a meaningless life, waking up every day to the same labor that will one day kill me.

On top of this, I have an INSANELY vivid imagination. Sometimes it's so vivid that I'll envision an entire movie scene happening right before my eyes, all in my head. And i feel so alone. Another thing is, I've always wanted to find the "one." One day i hope that i find the best girl to treat me right and guide me through my hell that I've been dealing with. But i'm not even sure if i deserve that either.

Anyways, I just always have this burning feeling in my chest that makes me feel like i belong somewhere else in the cosmos. I wish that one day aliens could come and take me off to distant galaxies and show me how to REALLY live life. I honestly don't know if this one is worth living anymore, but for music's sake, i'll stay here. Does anyone else EVER feel this way?

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  • I feel more or less the same as you. That`s why I enrolled to become a CG creator, so I could find ways to express my inner world creatively. I dont do it professionally cause I think that would defeat the purpose. I have a regular job to pay the bills, but I make time to retreat to my world and then try to reproduce it in "the real" world. I do music, drawing, painting, digital illustration, photography, crafts, you name it. At those moments, when Im creating, even if my life right now is quite ordinary, I feel i`m not ordinary at all. Take some drawing lessons and when you find your self anxious with those feelings, just pick up a pencil and create.

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  • i feel the same way

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  • It's good to be creative, but if you only consume cartoons and music without creating anything of your own, you will be UNFULFILLED. Some folks never realize it, but it is from the BURDENS we carry that our sense of meaning comes from.

    You need to restructure your life so that the burden you feel most passionate about—be it having kids, 2d animation, screenplay writing, or Mongolian military tactics—is your primary objective.

    Neither aliens nor BELLDANDY will fall from the sky to fix all your problems for you.

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