Is it normal to feel severe hatred against god?

I really believe that the Abrahamic god (whom Christians, Muslims and Jews worship) does exist. But I feel he looks like a Cosmic Saddam Hussein. I admit that I lack moral compass and I want to do sins according to religions (Especially Islam), but believing that God is real is so terrifying that I envy atheists for their irrational disbelieve in god.

P.S.: I was Muslim, but I don't think that Christianity and Judaism are different, so convincing me to convert into Christianity makes no sense.

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  • Is your question is it normal to hate god?
    Based on old testament, if taken at face value.
    He really did like to fuck with people.
    And, do everything he commands us not to do.
    Far better if hed made us, then left us alone.
    Taken satan with him and just went elsewhere.
    This whole idea he created us, as entertainment.
    Then played favorites with the jews.
    Just so some day we can all worship and sing songs to him for all eternity.
    meglomania, and BORING.
    Sure Im no help.
    Best of luck.

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  • Man invented God thousands of years ago to explain the unexplainable. Now we have science. No, I don't believe in a god as I am sure you have figured out.

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  • 'irrational disbelief' how?

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    • In fact, It's easy to argue for God's existence. For me, Argument from fine-tuned Universe is sufficient evidence for God.

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  • First of all, I'm agnostic. In my opinion, a God or some other power might be real but I don't believe that it has anything to do with any of the religions.

    Is it normal to hate God?
    My answer would be 'yes'. If you believe in a God that we see in Abrahamic religions, it's totally normal to hate it especially if you got raised in a very religious family and are pretty open minded person with the will of your own. The God in the books limits us a lot. In Old Testament it looks even as if God was just playing with us like we are some kind of game to it. Plus to me it all does not make any sense as to why do we have to do all these things it tells us to if he is truly all powerful and all knowing. If the god described in books is the real God then I hate it, too, unless it has a good excuse for all that.

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    • I'm Agnostic too. The Abrahamic religions evolved to be good at crowd control. A general ethical sense is needed to make sense of a legal system that allows commerce and civil order to make society prosperous.

      God is something different. If he exists, I doubt that he cares about us. Planet Earth is basically a speck of nothing in the Cosmos. Biochemists should get together and intelligently design protocells that we can send to other planets. It would be kind of cool if we could make the atmosphere of Venus turn green in a thousand years.

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  • Read Berserk, dude

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  • It's normal.

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  • There is only one God, call him what you want! But know this, God is a forgiving God. Everyday second, every minute, every hour of every day people are saying; Oh God this or oh God that or cursing at God for whatever reasons. God replies, "I hear you knocking but you don't come in." Talk to him, God is listening. Don't wait until your dying day begging for his forgiveness in prayer or thoughts. Start today, you'll be surprised to find out in God's way the answer to all your questions or problems if that be the case. God is love!

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  • So if you hate God you are already sinning and must already be terrified. Your path to redemption is clearly through The Church of Scientology. You’ll be launched into an active volcano after giving them all your money and you’ll be cleansed. Amen.

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  • yes , with god a man cant get what he wants only what he needs

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