Is it normal to feel like you don't belong in this world?

This might sound weird, but I don’t feel like I belong in this world. It feels like this world was not a place I was meant to stand. Not a place like this, where destruction of the world could happen at any given moment. Where we are bound to follow society, chained to a system there is no reason to question. It’s hard to explain when I’m not sure how to describe it.

And I feel really guilty to even have these thoughts because I have a life most people would wish for. In a country where my voice is heard and accepted. With a family full of love, and a system where women are allowed to be educated and work any place they would like.
But I still don’t feel that belonging feeling here. I just feel empty.

If a portal appeared in front of me, I would jump in without a second thought. Even if I didn’t know where it would take me. If I could live in Vesuvia (From the arcana game by nixhydra) I would be filled with joy. Every time I go back to the game I feel welcomed, another feeling of belonging, that I would never feel here. Any other world than this, even if it would be as horrible as Ketterdam .(leigh bardugo, grishaverse) It sounds so weird and I might be crazy, but I feel like I was never meant for this world.

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  • Yeah I nearly only feel alive and accepted in my daydreams and fantasies. It’s easy to feel that way and some people are just more prone to, it’s difficult to get out because that is against your personality. Try to find small things you like in life, the smell of rain or ascertain animal, won’t lift it but make it a bit better.
    Or we're really not from this planet, which I hope, haha.

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  • A sign of depression I reckon.

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  • Totally

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  • I love the Grisha novels. You just need a good adventure.

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  • I feel that way as well.

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  • I've got the perfect book suggestion for you, No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai. Main guy doesn't feel like they qualify as a human being.

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