Is it normal to feel like the actual sheep enclosure smells like food?

After eating lamb/sheep. I noticed this a few times when cycling past it.

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  • Listen, I saw lots of sheeps in NZ, up close. They have curly hair before they get sheared to shit and they just casually shart whilst they're walking around, just eating, making noises at their friends while they take gigantic shits all over their pasture and themselves, and their sheep turds get stuck in their curly sheep mops. So they end up with ridiculous dingleberry dreadlocks. Just fifty five turds hanging off their bodies at all times like filthy christmas ornaments. So they literally smell like crusty dingleberries and sheep pee.

    I don't know what it is that you are eating. I cannot speak to your cooking skills, but if actual sheep smell delicious to you, you have problems. Big problems.

    Because your cooking tastes like old, sunbaked turds, in case I wasn't clear.

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  • I felt the same way about when I used to work in a stables. For some reason the stables would have the aroma of some kind of pesto pasta or something. But not in a good way

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  • The question is: which food?

    I've eaten sheep's milk cheese before and thought 'this even tastes a bit like lamb.'

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