Is it normal to feel like my body is not the same person as my mind?

I don't really know how to describe it, i feel like it would be how being transgenger might feel. Except it's not my gender that's the issue, I'm perfectly comfortable with who I was born as. It's more like my body feels like it's a different person that who my mind is. It's like I am my mind, and my body is someone else. When I'm alone I feel more closely with my mind self, more emotional and in touch wit myself. But sometimes with other people or when I have to interact with people I don't know, not including close friends, I feel more...outside myself. Kind of empty and cold. It's like I'm two people.
When I feel more as my mind self, when I look at my hands, I don't feel like they're mine. They look foreign to me. Like I'm not the one controlling them but I am. Sometimes that switches, but usually not.
It makes me feel really disconnected from people, like there's a wall between us when I feel like my mind self and I can't really reach out to them.
Does anyone else feel this way?

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  • Yes it's perfectly normal but it is clearly not a good thing you need to to get it sorted out. You should get help.

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  • I know what you mean, I regularly experience a similar feeling. When I am alone I am comfortable being myself and everything is natural, but when someone is around me I feel self-conscious and like I am being judged by other people and therefore my behavior seems a little artificial or awkward even to me.

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  • Perhaps, you're a genetic chimera. This happens in the womb with multiple births. If one foetus completely absorbs the other one, the remaining foetus will become a chimera. If not all of the other foetus is absorbed, you get a Siamese twin or you get a child with multiple limbs or extra body parts. The latter seems to be very common in India. Often when these children are born, the locals will worship them as one of the Hindu Deities. As far as i know, there has never been a study to ask chimera's how they feel.

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  • Wow, I thought I was the only one. My hands belong to me though; in fact, most of my body does - it's just my face.

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  • dissociation. If you are ucomfortable in situations, some people learn to dissociate to avoid the uncomfortable feelings, and this leads to a sense of detachment and numbness

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  • is this the real life?
    or is it fantasy?
    caught in a landslide
    no escape from reality...

    open your eyes
    look up to the skies and see

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