Is it normal to feel jealous when someone is comforted?

I don't mean to, but whenever i see anybody in my friend circle sad and someone else comforts them I get jealous. Not in a way where I don't want them to feel better, I want them to feel their best and I even help them, but I just want to be supported the way they are. I think it might be because I never opened up so I never got enough emotional support but whatever it is I just want to be loved the way everybody else is. I have trouble speaking about my emotions and I'm trying to get better at it, I just want to know if this is normal or not. I feel almost starved of support. I wish I had someone to just cry to and let everything out. I just need to know if this is normal or not.

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  • It sounds like seeing people be supported triggers you, because you find it hard to ask for support when you need it.

    I can see why you might feel that way.

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  • I'd say yes it's normal to feel jealous. But remember, you won't get support from friends unless you open up (because they just don't know!). If you need their support, please be open to ask them. They seem like good enough friends to support each other, so I think they will also support you.

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  • Gross.

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