Is it normal to feel connected?

Is it normal for me to feel a strong connection? I had liked this person for a year and they had lied to me about a lot of things we had talked about. I was also dealing with abuse at this time and I felt really worthless. Then one night I was going to take every pill in the house and slit my throat. I took a pill bottle out of the cabinet, ready to open it, and I felt this tingle on the left side of my forehead. I don't know why but I immediately put it back. Then the next day I saw him somewhere and he looked at me like he was sad. He had stared at me everyday since then like he knows me and I don't know why but somewhere in my heart I feel like I know him, like he has always been there with me. Him and I are also completely alike.

Is It Normal?
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  • Anything is possible if you believe.

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  • I don't watch movies very much. But that may also result from reading anime comics all day, and during college.

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  • Idk may be there is a connection or May be you have watched too much bs movies like total rekall or much shittier movies The latter one seems more favorable

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