Is it normal to feel burnout even after a long break?

I just had a long christmas break, about 14 days away from work. I have a good job in the sense that it’s not a lot of physical work, it’s just mental work. I work about 9-12 hours everyday, my one day off being Saturday. I make decent pay but I’m dreading going back to work. The break didn’t seem long enough even though it was two weeks. How do I stop this negative mindset and stop this burnout?

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  • I got covid right before Christmas (looking suspicious as hell but whatever) I started the day after new years. At first I felt the burnout of working again but then I thought of the things I did when I was sick and how I would just be empty without working somewhere.

    I have a hateful relationship with working. I hate work but I need it to not stagnate with my other obligations. I feel worse if I'm not working somewhere.

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    • I totally relate to this. I hate working but feel guilty if I don’t work somewhere lol. My husband has a decent job so I don’t have to have a job that is this many hours but I love the extra money and Ive been here so long they really need me. The burnout is killing me though

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      • Same here, I used to just do temp / seasonal work so I wouldn’t be stuck at one place for too long but now I have what is objectively the best job I could get even tho I hate it. I’d feel embarrassed to quit. I was so happy when we were furloughed for covid but at the same time got insanely bored of having no work

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      • Hell my whole retirement plan includes work to do in order so I dont die at 65 from boredom.

        I have a homesteading dream so that goes hand in hand with keeping busy.

        If money isnt a problem why not work at a doggie daycare or something? A job that's mostly chill and doing something enjoyable.

        I can tell you that I'm not going to be doing a fastfood job because I'm bored in the future. Seen aplenty of old people do that when I was a teenager... now not so much.

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