Is it normal to feel afraid to express your feelings?

I am relating to a girl and I have been very fond of her. We talked about everything, we laugh, we have a great affection and we have already left for some dates (before the quanrentena, of course). I have already demonstrated that I like her and she has done that too, but I am feeling something very strong for her, something I have never said before. However, I'm afraid to express these feelings to her and not work out afterwards ... What do you think?

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  • Not normal bundle of your feelings and emotions, not healthy. it just leads to stress and anger management issues later. surprisingly a lot of men actually really struggle with this and a lot of men actually grow into a miserable and hateful sobs. Toxic individuals, with his family just leaving him. Rightfully so. Growing old with crippling mental health problems.

    is perfectly normal to to express your emotions and feelings all the time and perfectly healthy to express your emotions and feeling all the time. Ironicly doing so you'll be much much happier person, and it keeps mental health up and mental problems away especially as you grow older.
    So yes expressing your emotions and feelings all the time will help to keep your mental health in tip top condition and helps you live longer and happier.

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  • You are dealing with an ageold and universal dilemma, basically whether or not to take a risk.

    You really only have 2 choices: do nothing and wait & see if something changes or speak up and run the risk of losing her.

    Good luck!

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  • Sometimes I feel that way.

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  • Just sling poo at your target. This is how you assert your dominance.

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  • No

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