Is it normal to feel a woman doctor are more compassionate

Over the years of doctor visits and most of them being male, I finally seen a lady doctor. I have to say that now I see a lady for all my medical reasons, health, vision, dental and find they are way more compassionate and understanding. Has anyone else had this experience

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  • All the male dentists i've had seemed to care a lot and were very respectful. My last visit to the dentist I had a female seeing me and she was very rude and seemd uninterested.

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  • I had a woman doctor years ago and I changed because she grabbed my testicles like they were golf balls and sent my heart into my throat.

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  • There are compassionate competent doctors of both genders. My late mother would only ever see a "lady doctor" and for years saw a female doctor who told her to buy cream for an issue with one of her breasts which turned out to be cancer and didn't tell her to renew her angina prescription every six months because the pills deteriorate: Mum had a nearly fatal heart attack and the doctor's excuse was that she didn't really think Mum was having angina!

    There was also the very young woman doctor who told my daughter to "be good to her husband because he's had a very hard day" when my daughter had just had to have an emergency caesarian with her first child.

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  • The only time I've ever encountered a rude doctor was at the state of COVID when they were obviously overworked. I've had my fair share of doctors; man and woman alike. I haven't minded any of them.

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  • idk i've dealt with both men and women doctors and from my experience they've all been equally caring and understanding. i actually don't think i've ever encountered a rude or uncaring doctor before

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