Is it normal to fantasize about hurting someone?

I have a long list of enemies. When I'm wronged by someone, depending on the severity, I often find myself thinking about ways to beat them up or torture them or even kill them.
I would never actually do anything because the consequences of any of those would probably be more than I could handle.
But is it normal to think about stuff like that? I feel like a maniac sometimes.

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  • Ever since you were two years old you have been playing theoretical annihilation games. Two year olds obviously have very little control over their world and yet the fact that they need Mommy drives them to the brink of feeling like Mommy will swallow the up. Still, absent the safe and abiding refuge of Mommy, they feel like they will disappear from the world unless Mommy makes the world just the right size. A two year old LOVES Mommy and a two year old HATES, HATES, HATES Mommy.

    Most of use eventually develop beyond the Terrible Twos, the same cannot be said for those who frequently use or threaten violence to control their surroundings. For these poor souls the Terrible Twos is a revolving door.

    Playing theoretical annihilation games is normal, theoretical being the operative word.

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  • I am very depressed over the fact that I have a genitic disorder and I have all these bumps pver my entire body, sometimes I wanna go to bed at night and never wake up, I hate my life
    I would never kill another human but maybe myself. but I wont do that cause I'll hurt thoswe that actually do love me for who loves me for whats on the inside, those that dont, well, eff them

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    • Listen, it's your only life, you might as well enjoy it and if you don't know how maybe you have severe depression and need to do something about that.

      If you have some people in yr life who love you for yourself, you're very lucky, some people have none.

      The bumps don't sound much fun, I admit, but that's not all you are

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  • a coworker who rejects me, like to kill her in my dreams, and the other coworker who thinks she above me,hate it when she brown noses the management

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  • For some reason I always think of a cartoon bulldozer hitting someone I'm mad at on the head as a stick person. Weird huh?

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  • Depends how old you are. As a kid I often had fantasises about torturing my enemies and on a few occasions got round to giving some a good kicking and yep, it felt good. I've mellowed out a bit since then and tend not to get these thoughts as often.

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  • You said, "I would never actually do anything because the consequences of any of those would PROBABLY be more than I could handle."

    Unless you're a sociopath, the guilt from actually committing this tasks should eat you up and send you into an extremely depressive rage, eventually leading to suicide.

    You can never hurt anyone, but you can fantasize about whatever you want.

    When people are horrible to you or extremely annoying it is entirely natural to want to dismember them.

    Just never ever do it.

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  • i feel the same way about one particular person. i have wanted to act on it, but the only reason i can't is because she's too far away. and i don't wanna get in trouble. but i do want to hurt her...

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  • I do that too if I'm really mad.

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  • Yeah def is when I'm at work I think about throwing things at peoples heads and what would happen I find it funny and start laughing and my co workers look at me but I just think it's funny

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  • I think it is fine to just think about it as long as you don't act on it. Most people probably think about it. I do.

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