Is it normal to enjoy wearing dog collars?

And no, not in a sexual way.
But I just like wearing them. Like choker or necklace, I just like wearing it. It just fits well and I honestly like how it looks. And yes, I do like wearing tags with dog collars. I don't go out in public and do it but at home I wear one all the time. No, I'm not otherkin or furry if you're wondering.

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  • That's fine. I personally wear them sometimes because I see myself as an animal. But even if I didn't I still like how they look.

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  • I consider it normal because the group of people doing it isn't that small. The first time I wore one (with tag and everything in public) myself was because I lost a bet. I was really nervous back than and I would still be in public but after the first time I sort of liked it. Adding to the point that I don't consider myself one the same level as humans and obey the ones I trust.

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  • I'd say it's more normal if it was sexual. This seems very rare but it's not harmful so it's fine

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  • its normal. dogs and cats wear them and no one thinks anything of it. ooh and necklace is a nice word for collar.

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