Is it normal to eat the dry skin around your fingernails?

i don't know when or how this habit started but i just know that i couldn't stand seeing white dry skin at the sides of my nails. so i'd chew it off and yes swallow it and then i'd feel relieved because they wouldn't look as crusty and weird as they did before. so help me out here and let me know if you do this too.

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  • I've done it as long as I can remember. I'm 50 and it's never caused any problem. Probably good for the immune system.

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  • i bite it away transfer it from teeth to lips and blow it away . im not hungry for dried up skin.

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  • I pick at the dry skin until it's sticking out and bite it off sometimes when I'm nervous but never eat it lol

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  • I only do it to other people and only ones I don't know

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  • Not a great habit.

    Pulling off skin with your teeth can create open wounds and there are a lot of germs in the typical mouth. Ideal conditions for an infection.

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  • I do this, but after a while it turns into chewing half your hand off so it's probably best to try stop

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