Is it normal to eat the banana peel?

I just like it, usually I only eat them when they are green, but I don't see anyone else doing this, so am I weird for liking the taste of a banana peel?

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  • Yeah you're weird. I've only seen one other person eat banana peels. It was a kid when I was in grade school. He was weird for other reasons.

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  • That sounds kind of impressive actually..... Now I want to see someone eat a banana peel :O

    I mean people eat peels on apples, grapes, tomatoes and in some countries that is seen as weird even though it's completely normal to us

    A lot of people would probably find you eating a banana peel to be weird but it's probably completely normal somewhere else in the world so as long as it's not dangerous in any way, I say knock your self out and eat as many as you like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • when i was younger i used to eat eggshells lol
    never tried banana peel hmm

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  • That's fine not many people like them but it's not bad for you and if you like it then keep doing it

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  • Green bananas? No way for me. They taste best when the peel is yellow with brown spots.

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  • I mean it's totally fine, so why not?

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  • I think you CAN eat banana peels but I think cooking was involved. Do an internet search.

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