Is it normal to eat cow hide?

So someone gave me a 4 pound chunk of beef flank and I cut it up and fried some including the rubbery layer. I swallowed pieces of it whole and still feel them in my throat and stomach as if they hadn't been digested.

Is that cow hide with the hair chemically removed? It had a slight chlorine smell to it. I'm starting to wonder. Will the pieces eventually pass through my digestive system?

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  • You can eat rawhide its edible. People have been eating leather as a survival food for millennia. As long as it isnt processed into modern tanned leather you are fine. If you have to choose a leather for its edibility you want a leather that was tanned using bark as it isnt strictly poisonous as today's tanning process is.

    Yes it will pass through your system. Idk why you chose to eat it in the first place so long as you boil it thoroughly first.

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    • Also forgot to mention to thoroughly, and I mean thoroughly beat the shit out of it with a rock or something to soften it the hell up. You turn what is as heardy as leather into something more akin to a chewy noodle.

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  • Well pardner, I think you dun fucked up.

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