Is it normal to drink this much

For more than 3 months now I've been drinking more than 4.5 Liters of water within 8 Hours time...I'm doiing great in health but I'm thinking if it'll be kinda harmful to my health in any way since some health problems takes time before showing up.

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  • Hard to say but it depends on a lot of variables.

    But over a course of eight hours it should be tolerable.
    Just try not to overdo it though because far too much water without a balance of other things (not enough salt i think but it has been a pretty long time since i read up on it) can cause the excess water retention in the brain to make it swell and blam you have a potential (literal) killer headache (not sure about the headache pairt but your brain will go kaput on you)

    As long as it's within eight hours or so you should be reasonably safe depending on circumstances, But dont try it in about two or three hours because you'll be most likely pushing your luck.

    There is the slight chance you could just be trolling but i thought i'd humour you anyway.

    As for if it's normal well thats a bit hard to say without knowing a few other factors (hence my lack of answering the polling buttons) but if your genuinely concerned you might want to do a bit of research!

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  • 4 glasses of16 once water is all the body needs wow how told u that in

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