Is it normal to dream of suicide?

Ok, so, this is a follow-up on my other dreaming of death question. I recently had a dream where i was trying to die. I was jumping in front of cars. But like my other dream, i survived. I can remember the emotions i felt. Anger and a hint of sadness. The anger rose as i kept not dieing. I remember trying to jump in busy traffic. My friends and family looked in horror as i tried to escape them. The weirdest part, was the fact i don't know why i wanted death.
Side note, i reckon dreams symbolize our thoughts. I always believed that. But then this happens, and i have to question myeslf
Edit: i always stayed alive in these dreams. Like, no matter how much i tried, i couldn't die. I hope that's a good thing

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  • Learn to control your dreams.
    Become aware that its a dream while you are there. ( key point, do not focus, If you see writing of ANY type do not try to read it. )
    Dreaming of death is nothing.
    YOU can control what goes on.
    So do.

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  • Dreams are often completely random. I once had a dream in which I went into my bathroom and picked up a candle. After I picked it up, its wax started dripping onto my hands and burning them off until my arms were literally just bones. I could actually feel pain during that dream. If anyone can find meaning in that dream, you might be able to convince me that dreams always have meaning.

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  • We've all had this one. At least I did, especially as a kid. But I never interpreted it as me wanting to die. Actually, I never interpreted my dreams as anything. They're just stupid dreams you wake up from and then move on with your life. Your subconscious rambling while drunk.

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  • No. Please don't ignore this its not healthy.

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  • Maybe you're dreaming of suicide, because there's something in waking life that you're desperate to escape?

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  • This could mean multiple things. It could be an actual dream or a vision of how you die. If you start to feel like offing yourself start, speaking to a therapist, your friends or who ever you’re close and comfortable with.

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