Is it normal to dream of peeling your lip off?

So I've never had a dream like this before and of course this one has to feel real...I dreamt that I was standing there picking at my lips which didn't seem odd bc I do sometimes bite them when they're chapped...but then (in my dream) i peel a thick top layer from corner to corner of my top lip right off. I stood there holding the tissue of my upper lip as I felt how raw I left my mouth...WTF.

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  • The question should be. Is it normal to have dreams.

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  • Lol. You dont want to be the joker :/

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  • If one’s upper lip is cut off in a dream, it means severing relationship with a close friend. Lips in a dream also denote relatives or kinship. Lips in a dream also mean recovering from an illness, or forcing ajealous friend to follow one’s directives, or hearing good news that will heal one’s heart. Lips in a dream also represent a door attendant, boys, guards, locks, knowledge, guidance, food, drinks, marriage, happiness, sadness, or keeping secrets. Having no lips in a dream means loosing any of the above, or one’s dream could mean a broken door, or loosing one’s keys, or perhaps it could mean the death of one’s parents, husband or wife. Lips in a dream also represent the livelihood of singers or musicians who play wind instruments for a living, or the livelihood of a glass blower.

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