Is it normal to dream of killing my mom and grandma?

Last night I had a dream and I think the world was coming to an end or something because that’s what it felt like in the dream. And I dreamt also that my grandma killed my uncle with a gun I think. Then my mom tried coming at me to hurt me then I fought her and shot her in the eye with a bow and arrow and then my grandma tried coming after me and then I fought her off and then I also shot her in the eye with a bow and arrow. But I never hurt my uncle or grandpa and then I left to fend for myself. I dunno what this means and I’m scared and feel terrible

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  • It's a dream. Dreams are gibberish.

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  • Subconscious messages. Don't go all amityville on their ass.

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  • You need to start burning sage. You're either being manipulated by some kind of mind controlling witch or genie variety or else your mom and grandma might be mind controlled and you're having psychic visions of future events. If you've been involved in some kind of MK ultra torture based mind control to get you to take out your mom and grandma vs the voodoo or magical type variety the sage won't help, I can't really give you any advice here. I'd recommend seeing a psychic.

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  • I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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  • If they are like mine.. Hell yea

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