Is it normal to dream about the same location

I haven't been on this site for at least 5 years now but I figured I would come back to ask this as I didn't know where else to turn for such a weird and non-important question.
On a consistent basis, my dreams tend to end up visiting a location that is either:
A. Loosely based on a location I have visited but do not remember.
B: A location that simply does not exist.

The area is a street with various different buildings on it and while they do tend to change on occasion, it does tend to almost always end in with me going into a strange movie theatre of sorts with escape rooms and the likes added onto the building. (For some reason.)

This is a location I've had dreams for several years now and I'm not entirely sure what that would mean. It's never a nightmare, but it is a little jarring that it shows up as often as it does. It's obviously harmless but I'm just wondering if it was perhaps out of the ordinary.

Also, if you're still here, hello DirtyBirdy!

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  • Welcome back Birdy!

    I too have dreams in the same locations, one is a far larger, cleaner and more ominous version of the mall I used to frequent, the dream normally involves me being hurried behind the shops’ main facade to fix some sort of problem. Another is clearly based on a safari lodge I stayed in as a teen, nothing really happens in those dreams I just stand outside the lodge waiting for something.

    It still disturbs me a bit waking up from a dream I’ve already had at least 10 times but at least at you’re not alone in this weirdness.

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  • I always have recurring themes in my dreams, including ice creams/ice lollies, and fairgrounds/parks. I have done for years. ESPECIALLY ice creams, like in literally 75% of my dreams I'll be eating an ice cream or wanting to eat one, or at an ice cream van buying one or at a shop and I see ice creams and buy them.

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  • I have dreams that take place in the same locations often! I guess its normal? 😯

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  • For a while, many of my dreams included falling from high places.

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