Is it normal to dream about doing drugs?

i have done many drugs and am of age. I want to get more into doing drugs. in fact I dream about doing doing drugs all the time

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  • With the fentanyl that they are putting in these drugs now I dont think I'd want to even risk doing even a little cocaine nowadays. My friend at work his best friend did some coke at a bar and died right there. Cutting coke with an opioid was unheard of when I was doing drugs. It's the number 1 killer of ppl under 45 in the USA! The DEA said they intercepted only 10% of the fentanyl that came into the USA last year and that 10% was enough to kill every single American. These ppl that are overdosing aren't even almost surviving. They're taking 1000X more than a lethal dose. It's insane what's going on in the USA and the media isn't even really talking about it. They still whine about covid but this fentanyl thing is a million times worse.

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  • Would you believe that I have never tried magic mushrooms?

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  • Yes it's normal, it's very similar about dreaming about committing crimes.

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  • By doing drugs, you are encouraging people to do drugs and drug addicts die, which makes you responsible for their deaths. So basically, you're a murderer. Sick fuck.

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