Is It Normal To Dream About Being Forced To Kill Your Friend

The dream started of when we were trapped in our class with all my classmates and a sketchy guy. We were traped and the sketchy guy picked 3 people to get in a death battle and only one guy survives. The 3 people were me, a guy that I never seen in my life, and my childhood friend that I haven't been talking for a while (like maybe its been 2 to 3 years) . there was a boxing ring in the classroom and everyone was watching. The guy that I don't know anything about he died first and it was only me and my friend left. I started to cry so hard when it was only me and my friend, I am way stronger then my friend but the reason that I cried was that I didn't want to kill him but I was forced to. People laughed when I cried and I got up angry and right when I was about to get my friend in a head lock I woke up sweating and my heart beating really fast for a long time

Is It Normal?
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  • Yo guys can you help me out because I don't know why I had this dream can you maybe explain to me why. thank you very much boys

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    • I think the dream just means that you care for your friend and you would do anything to save him. I've had a few of those types of dreams where I was forced to kill someone in my family so I know how it feels. Hope it gets better!

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