Is it normal to do this to be Australian?

Facts are facts, I'm Franco-Scoto-Afro-Australian, not a pure breed, my Australianness comes from my dad. However I've noticed most Australians have the Australian flag in their house but they're not patriotic about it. I sang the song 'kangaroo', as in "hopping up and down like a kangaroo" while dressed in a posh-looking tweed, I have a koala plush toy saying "I love Aus", and I like it when I invented a drink I called the Australian Adrian. Named after me. 'Rapping Rabbit', a cartoon I invented has a koala who plays the didgeridoo, I was born patriotic, but something happened: when Australian men punched me in the face I began to spit on this country and much preferred to get a French haircut and imagine I'm in France, and I despised Australian pigs who took a dislike and found my Australianness unknowable, this is certainly untouchable as I talk normal like an Australian but they think I'm anti-Australian and my stories are very denying of my country, but I cut the act out and talked and acted as a middle ground: neither patriotic nor unAustralian, I decided to keep my Australian items and follow the customs of my country, sometimes I'm overly proud to be Australian but I have that funny attitude that I don't like Australian music, swagmen or Vegemite, I'm a royalist which technically is a support of Great Britain and this makes me proud, is that normal?

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  • Well I would've responded anyway, but how could I possibly resist all those sweet invitations?

    I don't know any Australians who have the colonial remnant flag in their homes, although I do see a few flying from flagpoles and on cars. After having the Aboriginal flag ripped off my car on "Australia" actually Invasion Day, I now keep it on the dashboard and on my letterbox.

    OP is confused and who cares anyway about how "Australian" he is? This is such a diverse country in so many ways that there is no such thing as a "typical Australian": even among the only true Australians there are many variations.

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  • Yes yes yes is same happened to me is not very nice is Australia man bastard

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