Is it normal to do this one thing to be australian?

I know what people forget, and I know very well the poor thing who can't forget your past, to hell with that! But to be Australian I decided to be a larrikin and a patriot, and to somewhat overdo the patriotism. Me swinging a slanging match with my roommate Ken over the smoking inside the house, and my drinking of hard liquor in the unit (the same house) which has gone pear-shaped while I was a Puritan, but I insist on such a belief, I even had an Australian flag and plush koala set up in the office in the room outside Mum's house having an Aussie burger from Hungry Jack's (and then I turned vegetarian), whilst I was typing some work on regalism and my Australianism. It speaks for itself when I was eating Vegemite on toast at my house and Mitey Aussie Nuts God knows where. I think that's when I was in the room outside of Mum's house eating Shapes Vegemite and cheese biscuits, and studying regalism, which is centralising all power in the hands of a king, all economic and social institutions are placed under royal control, and all loyalties and all power is transferred to the state in the person of the king. That's because I felt like I needed to be Australia's king running the country. I was pining for patriotic clothes but I couldn't afford it, so next pay day I'm definitely getting them, and then I'll walk home proudly looking Australian, and as for rules I'm defiant as I found out larrikinism is Australian, I intend to cut down the big boss (tall poppy) and go against what you believe in, and yet bend rules, no responsibility. And self-conscious of all this, possibly born on Wednesday, never going to church on Sunday, I'd pour some Scotch whisky with cola in a special glass bending the rules and I think that's Australian, the defiant, irresponsible behaviour, destroying other's beliefs, doubting people, while at the same time having Australian merchandise and in the process vegetarian deli slices, oven roasted, in a sandwich instead of roast beef, I'd even drink a Foster's beer in my house as long as it's against the rules, is that normal?

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