Is it normal to dislike gregorian calendar?

The official calendar in almost all the Earth is gregorian but I disagree with this calendar. I prefer Julian calendar. When someone asks me about the date, I say it according to Julian Calendar.

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  • So you just basically like being a wanker. Enjoy that.

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  • Disliking the calendar is normal, but using another one if your community uses the GC is not. I personally prefer lunisolar calendars for practical reasons, but I'm ok in following the Gregorian Calendar, and it is culturally more important to me than other calendars that are closer to my practical preferences.

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  • The Julian is worse than Gregorian. We should all use the Iranian calendar. It's the only rational one.

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  • The Julian calendar is flawed. It assumes that a year is 365.25 days, where it's really 365.2425 days.

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