Is it normal to dislike gaming

is it normal to hate gaming? im a teenager and it feels like all kids my age do is talk about video games and minecraft and valorant but i think video games are boring. this is not coming from a "not like other guys" mindset, but id rather play a board game than a video game. dont get me wrong, im very interested in a couple video games (cuphead, spyro, the binding of isaac and donkey kong country to name a few) but ive never really been interested in playing any of them aside from spyro. i feel weird and insecure about it because i dont have anything in common with my peers. it feels bad to have to reject gaming requests because i dont play or own any games aside from a few ps2 platformers.

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  • yeah, everyone likes doing different things. don't get pressured into doing something if you don't want to. If you find the most fun playing more obscure games, then go for it. cuphead is great btw, probably my favorite game.

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