Is It Normal to Describe Everything with Examples

Everytime I try to tell, describe, teach people something; I cannot stop myself from making examples. Don't just say "Oh, It's normal.", just think about it, I cannot give direct knowledge, need to give examples as I do right now. So is it normal to behave like this?

Is It Normal?
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  • Examples are essential to the passing on of any knowledge or information.

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  • Fairly normal, especially if you're trying to explain something new to someone. In my own case, it's often about my business. I use a lot of "for example" b/c people, my own family included, have no clue what I do (in short..I handle property damage). Friend of mine works 3 jobs, one of which is at a tattoo place, but she's not the artist. Helps her out, but also does other things, so, her own explanation is "for example..someone comes in and wants a photo of something they don't know the name of..I look it up and help them decide".

    Sometimes, we do it because people are just so damn stupid and don't pay attention.

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