Is it normal to delve into the lives of strangers?

I know how bad this comes across, but I have my reasoning, I swear. I get this deep curiosity to look at the accounts of strangers online from time to time. Its not so much of a hobby, just an occasional thing, but I try not to do much more than that. I like to see the photos they post and the things they might've said once. I don't intend to use it for any purpose, I rarely remember the details once my curiosity is satiated. I don't follow them, I don't look up numbers or locations, I don't care much for the family trees. But sometimes I just scroll through random Facebook profiles and see snapshots into the lives of others. I try to tell myself that if their profile is public, it isn't weird, although with the amount of information people give away online, I sometimes wish I had the balls to tell them to private their accounts. Do my actions count as stalking if its not malicious?

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  • I think most people do this on occasion. After all, that's largely what social media pages are for; for viewing.

    I definitely don't think looking at public accounts and not doing anything with the information you get classifies as "stalking". It isn't as if you're looking for their whereabouts so you can follow or keep track of them, you are just looking at their page out of curiosity.

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