Is it normal to cry in front of a mirror? going through a break-up fyi

My bf and i just ended a 4-year relationship

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  • You'll cry, you'll feel angry, you'll make yourself believe that you are relieved and that you are better without him. Then you'll get sad again and angry again. But you'll get better. It's hard to end relationship even when you KNOW that it's better for you to let go. It's hard because part of you regret the time you've invested in the relationship, time that you'll never get back.
    Allow yourself to feel those emotions.
    This situation is temporary, you'll feel better.

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    • I really need that. You don't know how much that comforts me. Thank you, you're truly an angel!!

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  • It’s weird that you choose to do it in front of a mirror, like really weird.

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  • I do that when I want to stop crying because I'm an ugly crier. 🤣

    In all seriousness though, I'm sorry about your breakup and hope you feel better soon. I know it sucks. *hugs*

    I second kelili's answer as well. It's very normal to process your many emotions about the situation and grieve the relationship, and it's just a part of it! It will get better, though, and you'll likely look back and realize this was for the best!

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  • Do you want sympathy points?

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