Is it normal to crave khat?

Like 5 years ago,two of my male cousins went for a walk and they came back with Like 3-5 branches of khat or qut, but I prefer calling it miraa. So they had brought miraa to see who could taste it.

So, it was my elder sister,two other sisters and I. So we all started chewing the miraa. I really liked the taste and I wanted to have more. But on seeing the other girls, they were rinsing it off their mouths. Because I didn't want to look like the black sheep amongst us, I rinsed it off too.

But as soon as everyone went into the house,I went and picked the miraa leaves from the branches and put them in my pockets. I then broke the branches and threw them in the garden. That day I lay in bed chewing on it like gum till my jaws hurt.

So,is it normal that 5 years later I crave it so badly. I've even lost my appetite coz I badly want miraa. My mom has been asking why I don't take supper so I lie to her that I ate a lot at lunch yet I don't even cook lunch now days.

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  • For what it's worth, the Wikipedia article on khat states that the World Health Organisation's consensus opinion is that khat can create psychological dependency.

    Psychological dependence is different to physical addiction in that there are no physiological symptoms during withdrawal, but rather feelings of dissatisfaction, agitation or depression.

    It seems odd to me that just one use of khat was enough to create these feelings, but we're all weird in one way or another. If you're unhappy with your life and khat allowed you escape from that for a few hours, then it would make sense for you to want to escape again.

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  • i only pet my dhog

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  • No idea what that is but it must of been laced with crack if you're still craving it after this long.

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