Is it normal to copy someone else this much?

I’m adopting her name (her first and last names will be my first and middle names, and I’m making a newish last name out of my parents’ last names) and her facial expressions and body language. We’re six months apart, I’m 18, and she’s 19.

She dyed her hair red, and I plan on doing mine too (like Chloe Price, from life is strange is more ideal though). I look up her outfits with google photo search and buy similar outfits that I can. Shoes as well.

She has autism, adhd, dysgraphia, insomnia, and oppositional defiant disorder (or had, but she still acts like it sometimes), and I plan on getting evaluated for autism, adhd, insomnia, and dyspraxia. As long as I can get autism and adhd diagnosed, which my teachers thought I had but my parents don’t believe in either unless it is super severe (non verbal like my cousin). I have to be alone in my diagnosis because my parents are not supportive or believers in mental illness.

When she gets a house in her name, hopefully I can be close enough to her to be her neighbor to spy on her like it did in school.

I don’t talk to her anymore.

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