Is it normal to constantly have nightmares where i am tortured/killed?

While I'm used to having near-constant nightmares, I'm starting to get a little shaked up about this. So, for the past few years of my life, most of my dreams are either nightmares or nothing at all. Recently, I've been having a lot of dreams where I am tortured/killed in different gruesome ways, sometimes with people silently watching me and not helping. Could something be wrong with me or is this, like, normal?

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  • Sounds kinda sexy

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  • Yes this is normal. Your psyche is working something out in your dreams. Whatever is going on in your daily life, your mental/emotional state for the past few years, and the experiences you've been living in, is coming out in these dreams.

    They're scary I bet, but shouldn't be so literal. You aren't going to die. People aren't going to stand by while you are helpless. This is symbolic.

    My guess, and I'm far from a dream expert, is your death in the dreams is symbolic to an aspect of yourself that is being ignored/left to die, and the other people not offering help represents your expectations of others - that maybe they're supposed to take care of you in some way.

    It being so gruesome? Who knows. Into a lot of violent movies/games? BDSM? Maybe you have a fear of dying in some horrific way, or that's a core fear of yours, something terrible happening and being left helpless to deal with it.

    But for sure, it's normal. Try not to take it so literally, but reflect on how you feel in the dream, what it may represent.

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  • As a kid, like 3-5 years old, I always had recurring nightmares of getting killed either by a specific plush in my bedroom, or a clown painting my grandpa painted.
    I also had this one dream all the plushes in my bedroom rose up to kill me. Then the dreams stopped from a certain point in time.
    So those recurring dreams might stop after some time.

    Both the specific plush and the painting were bought and painted by my grandpa, so I'm a bit curious about that.

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  • Can you identify those people in your nightmares?

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  • Take beta blockers(propranolol, atnenolol, metoprolol) before going to bed, nightmares are caused by abnormal adrenergic/noradrenergic activity in the brain and body.
    If you have history of past trauma it will explain ur nightmare problem.

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  • Yes as dreams are supposed to give you messages.

    You get some that are good and bad,

    However from what I am reading when you are saying that you are dreaming of one of those that can give bad feelings of the future.

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