Is it normal to constantly doubt everyone?

I have some confidence, maybe relationship problems. Whenever someone says something that's supposed to be good or uplifting like "I care about you", I always have this strong doubt about it.
They could be lying to me to get something out of me, or to try and hurt me.

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  • I doubt that you really feel this way.

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  • Sure this is normal, unless you take it to the extreme and it starts screwing up your entire life. You decide, but if you get to the point where you or other people are noticing that have have gone off the deep end with this issue, then it's no longer normal and you need to figure out what to do to fix it.

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  • I always doubt others. Wouldn't trust them. But then again, that leads to being distant to others and seeming rather mean, so if you need human companionship a lot, you'd have to trust them.

    It probably shouldn't be voted 'normal', it's just that IIN users are weirdos.

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  • To a particular extent, I think you bring your own gettings. Think more of yourself. You may think more of others.

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  • Trust your gut.

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