Is it normal to collect “sports trading cards” in 2022?

Always wondered what that would be like? Being like a “sports trading card” collector. Collecting like NBA Cards, NFL Cards, NHL Cards, etc? I hear some of them can be worth some serious money if they are in good condition? Do you know anyone or anybody who collects trading cards? Would you consider this normal to gloss over sports cards? Or should maybe grow up and not act like a kid who wants new toys.

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  • It's not really worth it to get into card collecting as an adult. This is true for all trading cards. It's a money pit that is very rarely worth the effort. Only a handful of cards are worth it and literally *all* of those cards are from years ago.

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    • Thank you for advice! Yeah after thinking about it more for a few days, I’ve decided can probably use my money for necessities like food, drinks, rent, groceries, etc. If focus on those, would probably not even care or need sports cards!!!!

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  • Was it ever? I don’t know, maybe.

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  • People collect various things because they make them happy, nothing wrong with that! As long as you can reasonably afford it (you don't prioritize it over necessities or go into debt over it), I don't see why you can't.

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