Is it normal to clean my gf with my tongue

I drove 60 miles to see my gf one night and we had nowhere to go for a little privacy, after a getting a nice little bite to eat, we decided to go for a romantic drive in the country, she drove and pulled into a little quiet car park outside a forest park. We got into the back seat for a nice little cuddle.
After I licked her out and she came all over my face screaming at the top of her voice, I was a little turned on, so climbed over the top of her a jacked off all over her huge breasts. Having not ejaculated for a couple of days there was quite a lot of the thick white stuff on her chest and we then realised that we didn't have a tissue. We talked about what to do and decided that the best solution would be for me to lick it all up. I used my tongue to leave her squeaky clean. I'm not sure how she felt, she seemed a little annoyed that I ate almost all my cum with out sharing any with her.
Is this a normal night out or are do only we do this?

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