Is it normal to cause cuts?

Ok, now, i couldn't word the question properly. I mean to say something like 'help, i want to have a nice cut on my neck for blood, but not enough to die'. It's too long

on other news, i just want to feel the blood to ooze out, but from my neck. Like, i want to get covered in it.
I am fairly sure it ain't normal, but i need a second opinion

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  • Thoughts of self mutilation is typical considered bad. If the thoughts continue you should probably seek some form of counseling.

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  • Why do you do it, do you lick the blood or what?

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  • Are you a teenage girl?

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  • No one with half a brain is going to tell you that slicing your neck open at just the right length to feel the blood ooze out is normal.

    Your "second opinion" needs to be from a therapist.

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